Non-writing to get ready

Fired up to write a book this year?  Me, too!

Here are a couple of suggestions for things that you can do now to give you more time to write later:

  1. Spring cleaning – I know, I’m not exactly psyched about this one, either.  But imagine if most of the rooms of your house were spic-and-span spotless now, you’d probably only need to vacuum and dust once in a while to keep them clean enough to get through till the holiday cleaning.  Even if you just tackle the kitchen, family room and bedrooms one room per weekend, it’ll be a lot less to worry about when you’d rather be writing.
  2. Make-ahead meals – My husband I did this recently.  There are several books along the lines of Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month.  We spent yesterday afternoon together, and came away with 14 meals in the freezer.  The recipe book we followed was mostly for 4-serving meals, so next time I would double these recipes with not much more work, package them in a couple of containers each, and have 28 meals that just need to be thawed and heated up.  Even I can do that while I do a character sketch for my book 😉
  3. Create your ideal workspace – where will you write or type?  Tidy it up, bring in a comfy chair if you want, and give yourself permission to decorate the space with colors, textures and pictures of things that will inspire you.  Cover a corkboard in fabric, and use pushpins to add pictures of things you’ll incorporate into your book.  This can give you great ideas when you’re stuck for adjectives about the rolling hills, thrashing waves, mirrored skycrapers, or even grimy mudflaps if you want.

Funny thing, though… Yes, all of these things will clear up time to write, but I kind of remember typing my dissertation… and many of these things were just the kinds of things I would do when I couldn’t think of anything to write!  Maybe I’ll just hang onto this list and fill in the uninspired writing time with kitchen cleaning.  Let’s write right now, while we still WANT to!


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