Project Fundraiser (or… so you want to be in pictures?)

kickstarterWe’re now up to 140 committed authors for Year of the Book!

Our forum site is ready to roll.  Also, we’ve been very lucky so far to have a few published local authors volunteer to help us on our journey.

Year of the Book is completely free for all participants.  It would be great, however, if we had a small budget to pay for more workshop presenters, graphic help, marketing our book tour, etc.  To this end, I’ve put together a campaign to launch early 2013.

We’ll be previewing the “pitch” at future meetings… and recording a funny little 3-minute video to show people who we are and what great plans we have for the year!

If you’d like to help with our video in any way, feel free to comment here or e-mail me directly at

Cheers, Demi


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