I. Never. Knew.

grammar policeMs. Brewster had only the best of intentions. As Queen of the Universe (i.e. my seventh-grade English teacher), her edicts were always in our best interests. Sentences should have a subject and a verb. They should convey an entire thought. They should have proper capitalization and punctuation. Dangling participles were something up with which she would not put. (Ok, maybe channeling Winston Churchill… but you get the point!)

We need to learn the rules first. Before we’re allowed to break them.

Did you catch that? I wasn’t trying to flaunt my power. It just came out that way. The dreaded sentence fragment!

While in the midst of writing a much duller version of this blog post, I stumbled onto Margie Lawson’s site, and her Deep EDITS system makes me want to part with my paycheck to go take a class or ten with her.

She introduced me to writing techniques I didn’t even know existed. Except that all my favorite authors were using them. Backloading, Anaphora, Visceral Response, Dialogue Cues, Power Internalization, Conduplicatio. How can I say that again?

I’m not just inviting you to check out her website…consider it an edict. Keep a steady hand on your wallet, but know that there’s a new Queen of my Universe. When I ask you on Sep. 8th who’s on your “Dream List” to invite to lead a workshop for us, you’ll already know why she’s at the top of my list. Not only does she instinctively know good writing… but she can identify why we like it… and how we can replicate it in our own work.


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