A Walk Down Memoir Lane

memory laneWhat’s the difference between a wart and a beauty mark? Self-esteem, mainly. If you are pondering the difference between writing an autobiography and a memoir, the following blog writers have some thoughts for you to consider.

Chip MacGregor says the linear retelling of facts is quite different than the self-revelation that occurs in great memoir writing… “Why did I make these choices? What was I feeling? How did my decisions affect the outcome of my life and the lives of my family and friends?” A memoir is about “moving forward and finding answers.”

Susan Spangler says steer clear of perfection. Beautiful sunsets and crisp pie crusts are one thing, but humans are never perfect. We love, we lose, we yell, we cry, we fight, and we heal. Perfection is “a great idea,” but hope, love, laughter, family and tomorrow are ideals to strive for. How will our memoirs showcase our journeys and redemption from the imperfect lives we have led?

Shirley Showalter has a free “How to Write a Memoir Guide” and a terrific-looking blog. The part that floored me is that she has a time counter on the site… counting down the time until her next manuscript will be done. As I’m writing it’s t-minus 40 days, 7 hours, 42 minutes and 6 seconds away. Now I know I told you it helps to have a deadline, but… seriously??


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