Disaster-Proofing Your Writing

I absolutely hate ultra-techies who preach to me that I should be backing up all of my files all the time (read: my husband). Seriously? What needs to be backed up? My play-list on Pandora? Hardly. But I had to laugh at myself when I read news about a portion of NYC residents before Sandy hit… who heard emergency workers announcing mandatory evacuation in their neighborhood… and simply walked to the corner, bought a bagel and some milk, and then walked back home to wait out the storm. Then the same EMS workers had to pull them out of windows later and carry them away by boat.

In a (granted, non-life-threatening) way, I was being exactly like them. Months’ worth of words entrusted to a single device. Would I be upset if I lost that information and had to start over? You bet your sweet SpellCheck I would.

It took more time to locate a spare flash drive than it did to copy all my files. In fact it took less time to create that backup than it did to brew a single space-age cup of coffee on the Keurig. Why wait for Murphy’s Law to kick in when you can take evasive action now? No flash drive? Then e-mail yourself a copy of your book. Either way, your friends and family will be glad to not have to pull you out from the window later.


2 thoughts on “Disaster-Proofing Your Writing

  1. Good advice, Demi. The writing’s fine, too. But aside from that, as to your subject, I had Mozy as a backup until recently. I tried to renew my subscription when called upon to do so but could not get through. In frustration I dropped Mozy. I could never get through to Mozy previously, trying to see if my email files were being backed up–didn’t want them to be. Anyway, after dropping Mozy, my computer began less often to be halting and/or stuck. I also have a feeling which I haven’t verified that Norton, my anti-virus protection, is backing up my files anyway. Rod

  2. The cave man most modern in his ability to carve on stone was chipping away on a new creation. His wife asked casually, What are you doing honey?” “I’m just creating a back up,” he answered. Chip chipping away he kept busy. He was in a hurry since he had received a gift of a virus from unknown foreign sources. He had taken his original stone to the Geek squad who had happily advise him that even though he had a great virus protection he still had 700 or so. and that would be two hundred clams. Tap, tapping and rapping now and then with a pause for emphasis (this is because he would of liked to tap and rap a few foreign sources} he completed his back up. Keith Felix
    . .

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