Permission to write – Julie Swope

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” – Maya Angelou

I used to be astounded that several siblings growing up during the same time period, living under the same roof, and being comparable ages could differ so much in their story of the same event. Today I am realistic that everyone has their own perception of an event, and every person tells the truth from their perception. No one is wrong. If I have an empty box of tissues on the coffee table and ask ten people to describe what they see, I will get various interpretations; it is a green box that is empty, it is a container for miscellaneous items, it is a rectangular empty shape, it is a box symbolic of wiped tears and runny noses, etc.

As I was writing my memoir, Of Roots and Wings, I was aware that perceptions of some family members may not be the same as mine. But I searched my soul for my truth – that truth set me free. I gave myself permission to write my story, and in so doing became my own hero.

How do you give yourself permission to write your story?

For more from Julie Swope, check out her site HERE


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