Inappropriate mothers – Demi Stevens

My mom, stepfather and I loved playing cards and board games. But even more, we loved a good joke. I’ll always thank them for the humor they brought to my life… as well as the wealth of inappropriate jokes I can tell by heart.

“A little bird flew into the cold north wind. His wings soon began to get icy, and he fell down through the sky, into a farmyard. A mule walked right over top of the bird, and took an enormous dump on his head. Not necessarily the best start to his day. But the dung was warm, and soon enough the little bird’s wings thawed out. He was so happy he began to chirp. The big barn cat, hearing the chirping, came over to the dung pile and dug the bird out. This delightful turn of events made the little bird even happier. Until the cat ate him.

My mom taught me there are several important morals to this story:
First, not everyone who dumps on you is your enemy.
Second, not everyone who digs you out of the dung is your friend.
And finally, if you’re warm and happy in a pile of crap… keep your mouth shut.

Love you, mom. May you rest in peace and laughter as I share the legacy of inappropriate joke-sharing with your grandson.


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