Quotes remembered from Childhood – Julie Swope

Stop crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about.” (mother said, after she swatted me on my leg with the fly swatter.)

“Stop crying, you’re going to end up like your g– d— Aunt Mamie.” (Father said, after he witnessed how “easily” my feelings were hurt.)

“Julia is a monotone and the one note she knows is flat.” (Mother said repeatedly over years.)

“Julia can’t carry a tune in a bucket.”(Mother said.) I gave up trying to sing.

“You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Your mother was white trash, and you will be too.”(frustrated mother said spontaneously.) This was news to me.

“Girls, don’t be so happy, you know it will end up in a fight.”(Mother said on one of the few times my sisters’ and I were on the same page.)

“They wished they bought ducks.” (Mother said upon hearing of one’s intended marriage).

“Julia is the kind of person that can fall into a pile of manure and come out smelling like a rose.” (Mother said. And I heard while eavesdropping.)

“Why didn’t you just throw them off the g– d— balcony.” (Father’s quote upon my mother telling him we didn’t listen to her.)

“Stop tilting back on your chair; I can replace your g–d— head but I can’t replace that chair.” (Father said at dinner time).

“Of all the kids in the orphanage, we had to get the dumb ones.”(Father said, upon seeing we couldn’t swallow our vitamins).

“You should be grateful to us, we took you out of the orphanage when no one else wanted you.” (spoken interchangeably between mother and father.) One time I blurted, “Somebody would have adopted us. God didn’t want you to be a mother, you had to steal someone else’s children. ” Totally surprised myself – one of those moments when you say to yourself, “where the heck did that come from.”

“Julia is a good writer.” (Mother said, when I was seven through nineteen)

“Julia is the smartest one of the girls.”(Overheard several times.)

“You would make a good teacher, you’ve always been good with kids.” (spoken by mother while on a car trip.)

“You were the easiest kid to raise, you never needed or asked for anything. You didn’t even need braces. You will be a good mother.” (spoken by mother on the day of my marriage.)

“I love you mom.” (spoken by me.)
“I love you too, why do you think we adopted you if I didn’t love you. (spoken by mother, for the first time, on her deathbed as I allowed myself to enter her oxygen tent.)

What quotes do you remember from childhood ?


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