Julie Swope – York, PA

Of Roots and Wings, by Julie Swope  Front Cover

Julie D. Swope is the owner of Yorktowne Psychological and Addiction Services in York, PA, and an avid harpist.

Her memoir, Of Roots and Wings, is a theme of “Hope and Cope”  – hope for what you want but cope with what you have. It is no accident that the book was published in November – National Adoption Month. Of Roots and Wings depicts her life and struggle as a young girl, written for anyone trying to overcome adversity.

The Bear Who Waited is told by a stuffed bear who was purchased by a woman, but – for what? As he waits for his “big event”, he begins to lose hope he will ever be loved. He questions his existence and self worth. Finally the day arrives and he is whisked to the airport where he realizes his destiny – he is a gift for a child who has also waited months to be adopted. This heart-warming “tail” blends the anxieties of both child and parent through the process of adopting.

Come meet Julie Swope and

NY Times Best-Selling Mystery Writer Linda Castillo

Year of the Book Gala

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Paul Smith Library of Southern York County

80 Constitution Ave, Shrewsbury, PA  17361

(717) 235-4313

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