Roger Wilson – New Park, PA

Too Much Ice Cream Roger Wilson Cover 2

“The River and the Ridge” is about the changes that shaped our region and created our history. Come, take a book walk with us. If you took a real walk along the Susquehanna River on the western shore past Coal Cabin, up through the river hills, striding over corn fields and peach orchards, past a couple of quarries, into the towns of Delta, Cardiff, and Whiteford, it would be only a few miles but could take several hours or several days.

In this book we’ll show you old quarries, slate sidewalks, restored homes, green marble, the Rehoboth Welsh Church, our oldest school, stone cottages, a railroad trestle, fields of wheat and corn, piles of slate, a marker for Mason and Dixon’s line, Welsh poetry on slate gravestones, a slate clock, and the slate jail. Maybe you will take a real walk to see all these things yourself, to revisit old memories, or to marvel at some of our treasures for the first time.

Come meet Roger Wilson and

NY Times Best-Selling Mystery Writer Linda Castillo

Year of the Book Gala

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Paul Smith Library of Southern York County

80 Constitution Ave, Shrewsbury, PA  17361

(717) 235-4313


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