Christmas Postpartum

There is a certain sadness that creeps into the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I find it much like the time after the birth of a child. After a lengthy buildup, decorating, shopping, parties with friends and family, and perhaps an overindulgence with food…

…then comes the big event!

A blessed day, filled with immediate gratification. Phone calls, emails, texts and pictures with relatives you see only once a year. And medical histories far too graphic for polite company.

The sun sets. The sun rises.

Everyone is tired. Dishes are dirty. Bathrooms are filthy. There is no food in the house. And the trash can emanates a distinctly unpleasant odor.

But alas, friends, do not give up hope!

Just when you think the nights are endless, you realize these are the best of days. The days when no boss peeks over your cubicle wall to assure continuous good work habits. The days when an afternoon nap is neither discouraged nor thwarted by caffeine. The days when you’re just lonely and bored, or tired and desperate enough to try anything to break the routine.

And your creativity sparkles!

Your imagination serves up a platter of all the delights the coming year will hold: a series of “firsts” to be chronicled, new skills to be acquired and honed, and a life better focused on your deepest dreams and aspirations.

A New Year is just around the corner! It’s time to make plans, and get ready to turn them into reality!


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