Jeff Walker leads again

Here’s great news from one of my marketing GURUS – Jeff Walker.  After decades of 7-figure product launches, and teaching the rest of us how to do the same, he’s finally written a book about the lessons learned and mistakes made along the way.

And get this — in his video announcement he’s completely flummoxed by the concept of Author-dom.  He was SCARED to tell anybody he was writing a book.  He hadn’t SHARED it with folks the way he knows to do in his regular business life.

In short – he was just like all the rest of us.  (Which is, by the way, why I’ve adored Jeff since the moment Holly Lisle first brought him onto my radar.)

But of course, with 6 weeks on the timer till release date, he’s kicking the doors down with great launch ideas for his book.  And he’s using his social networks to generate those ideas (which he probably knew anyway) and get all of US excited about his book.

For those of you who were in my “Building Pre-Launch Buzz for YOUR Book” class last week, this is going to be a real-life example of how to do it right.  Follow along!  If Jeff Walker knows anything, it’s how to LAUNCH stuff!!

My Book Is FINALLY Done! (Behind the Scenes).



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