How to Write an Hour at a Time

Loved this inspiring session at PW Conference. The gist? Create an hour a day for writing. The plot? Sprint your way to 1,000 new words for your Work-In-Progress. The sequel? Do it again tomorrow! At that rate, we could all have a 70,000-word first draft done in 2.5 months. The carrot? Join me and Ramona on Twitter and declare your writing intentions and progress. You’ll LOVE having cheerleaders and co-sprinters to root you on to writing victory!

Ramona DeFelice Long

RamonaGravitarAt the Pennwriters Conference this past weekend, I gave a workshop on a writing challenge called Sprinting. To Sprint, a writer shuts off all distractions and writes without interruption for an hour. The goal is to get down 1,000 new words in an hour.

Sprinting is simple and hardly enough content for a one hour workshop. Finding an hour a day to write, and incorporating it into an otherwise busy life, may not be so simple. Also complicated is how to make the most effective use of a writing hour. Those—finding an hour and using the hour—will make up the content of this mini blog series. Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday – How to Write an Hour at a Time

Wednesday – How to Make the Most of a Writing Hour

Thursday – How to Keep a Sprint Journal

A Writing Hour

“Write every day.”

“We all have the same 24…

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