How to Use a Sprint Journal

More irresistible advice from Ramona on Sprinting. Keep a journal (with just a 1-2 sentence daily entry on what you plan to write). Always looking forward. Always feeling progress.
And the last paragraph of her blog will give even Eeyore enough reason to think it could work!

Ramona DeFelice Long

RamonaGravitarLike many writers, I keep a notebook called a book bible. The book bible for my current WIP, a novel written in the episodic style, is a beat-up, bright green notebook with fraying pages, a precarious spiral spine, and an array of Post-its in various shapes and colors poking from the edges.journals

A book bible is used to record ideas, changes, concepts, goals, for a work in progress. It’s a planning aid. This post, however, is not about book bibles; I am introducing the book bible idea to get it out of the way. What I want to discuss today is my Sprint Journal.

I own a lot of pretty journals. Many of them are pristine inside. When I was a young girl, I invariably received a diary for my birthday, and those remained blank as well. I stink at keeping a diary or personal journal, and while I continue…

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One thought on “How to Use a Sprint Journal

  1. What a useful tool for keeping the writing on track. I often am overwhelmed by a blank page. Writing a small, achievable goal for the day sidesteps writer’s block. Thank You!

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