Authentic Marketing

Let’s face it, we’ve all met a slimy salesperson.  The use of language, the message, the speed of interaction, the need for RIGHT NOW commitment… gives me the urge to run home and take a shower.

But every day we wake up and venture into the world.  Every day we interact (or choose not to interact) with others.  Every day there is something we will need to sell to someone.  Some days we sell our skills in order to land a job, some days we sell our products in order to pay our bills, and if we’re lucky we get to the end of the day without having sold our souls.

If you’re like me, the fear of turning into a slimy salesman may hold you back from achieving all that’s possible in your life and business.  A wise friend of mine teaches that while we’re so busy trying desperately not to sell, what we’re really doing is depriving others who really need our products and skills from the opportunity to work with us.  They will likely wind up doing business with someone who has fewer skills and offers a lesser quality product.

Think about that for a minute (or ten).  When you let fear stop you from asking for the sale, you’re actually doing your potential customer a disservice.

This is true for your business life and your writing life.  Hasn’t everyone picked up at least one book and wondered, “How in the name of all that’s good and holy did this shlock ever get published?”

But how can you sell and still maintain that sense of service and integrity you’ve always been known for?  I’ve been asking myself the same question as I launch my children’s book Write Away!  and seek clients who need my help publishing their books.

You see I’ve always worked in the non-profit industry, recently as a librarian, and before that as a musician (and trust me, it doesn’t get much more non-profit than that).  Service to others is at the core of those jobs. Flexibility and affordability (read “cheap and easy”) are assumed.  Free is even better. So discovering my own authentic way to sell has been a journey on an unpaved road.

I don’t have it all down just yet, but I’m open to learning from and with you.  Check out a few ideas, then add your favorite past/present/future Authentic Marketing ideas in the comments area below.  Everyone who shares an idea will receive a copy of my amazing friend Julie Lichty’s eBook “Savor the Seasons: Daily Prompts for an Authentic Life of Clarity, Confidence & Joy.”

authentic mktg1

authentic mktg2

authentic mktg3

authentic mktg4


Write with joy!  ~Demi

PS. Write Away! is this month’s featured book at Brown’s Orchards in Loganville. Be sure and let the good folks at Brown’s know how much you support their generosity to local authors — because YOU could be October’s featured author!



8 thoughts on “Authentic Marketing

  1. Hi Demi,
    I enjoy reading your thoughts on writing and would liike to come to one of your writing events.
    Are there others coming up besides the one tomorrow (Sept 4) at the New Freedom Farmer’s Market?
    Thanks, Carol

      • Hi Demi !

        Love it when folks respond quickly, but you’ve set a record! Anyway, I am wondering about your class and its subject(s). Is the subject and location the same tomorrow and Saturday? Are there other topics you are planning through December?

        Thanks, Carol

      • Hi Demi, Your writing topics are exciting. Can you tell me more about tuition and related costs? Thanks, Carol

    • Visit for the full scoop. The events tab lists the September doings. You can see the rest of the year’s sessions on the Workshops tab – there are different listings under Writing, Editing, and Marketing courses (just click on the goofy pictures!). Hope to see you!

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