The Scariest Chapter

I’ve been tossing around this crazy idea in my head for a few weeks.  What if I demonstrated the process first-hand of writing a book at the same time as I’m teaching the principles of writing in my online course videos (AVAILABLE HERE)?

getting started

I want you to see and experience ringside that no matter what your writing starting point looks like, it’s possible to apply the techniques you’ll learn in Year of the Book to polish your hunk of coal into a premiere-class diamond.

I’ll be using real-life examples from my work – instead of begging writer friends to share their hidden drafts in the cold excruciating light of day.  I’ll highlight pitfalls I’ve seen other authors struggle through, without putting anyone else on the hot seat. And believe me, I’ll go through ALL the top 10 pitfalls, because I’m just as human as everyone else.  Maybe we’ll even discover MORE pitfalls because what most people share publicly as “1st draft” is actually 2nd or 3rd.

While I’ve personally served as editor, formatter, designer, publisher, or consultant to a hundred different authors, I’ve only fully completed and published one title of my own – a children’s book called “Write Away!”

Front Cover

I’m guilty of letting my own dream slide to the end of the queue – “Someday I’ll write a book.”  I know how life gets in the way. I know how our friends, family, and even the needs of a perfect stranger can get shifted right in the way of reaching our goals. I’ve uttered all the excuses.

So I want to go out on another limb – as vulnerable and brave as my writing students – and demonstrate my own struggle to face the challenges I’m setting before them. I won’t ask them to do anything I’m not asking of myself.  I’ll be right there in the writing trenches slogging away.  Possibly cursing more than usual – so cover your ears when necessary.

This is me. The real Demi. Or as real as anyone can ever truly be.  At my worst, and hopefully also my best at some point along the way.

The Downton Abbey gloves are off. It’s going to get dirty.  And not just because of my raunchy sense of humor.

I’ll post all the super-raw draft material so you can watch it go from crap to non-crap. (Notice how I can no longer boast about taking writing from coal to polished diamond when it’s my own writing… there’s fear here.  If you were closer, you’d smell it.)

Warning – I’m a pretty darned good editor, but I’m going to be posting true 1st draft material.  I’ll type it up, but I’ll also post a picture of the hand-written version.  The ultimate message is that 1st draft is 1st draft for a reason.  We shouldn’t be shooting for perfection the first go-round because we want to finish pre-mortem.

Here begins “the real deal.”  Get your hip waders out because the crap-to-quality ratio is gonna be high at first.  And did I mention I’m likely to rant and curse a lot? But it’s all for a super-good reason.  Our dreams are worth reaching for.  YOUR dreams are worth reaching for.  And I’d love to hear your writing progress and success stories along the way, so please always feel free to share in the comments!

Let’s make it real!

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