The man Nick really wants to be

Nick Fotos isn’t just a playboy with no aspirations. Unfortunately, the love of his life married Nick’s best friend…

Remember this is raw first draft material, typos and all. Learn more about this Year of the Book work-in-progress at:


An obvious extrovert, Nick embraced the world with a positive and exuberant life force. He’s very much alive from the moment he rolls out of bed – his own, or someone else’s.

The most important event in his life so far was the birth of Harry and Tina’s son, when they asked Nick to serve as he child’s godfather. Because Nick has such an amazing relationship with his own godfather, Theio Yanni, he’s excited to sha watch this child grow. and He dreams of ways he’ll share that same gift with this youngster, and it gives him hope of one day being a father himself.

By far the most devastating event was the death of his father Spyro.


For whatever reason, he’d never been extremely close to his dad. Or at least not in the way he felt close to Theio Yanni. Spyro spent long hours practicing each day in solitude – always trying to perform his best as accompaniment on Fi Fi’s tours. Perhaps he merely hoped to be “more adequate.” Spyro had never been the center of the musical spotlight except when it was shared with his wife. Her voice spoke straight to a person’s heart, and that Spyro’s guitar was merely the roadway gravel path which guided the her notes.

But he lo But Nick felt sure Spyro felt cheated. Longed to be more. Yet never burst through his own cocoon.

These two events began to shape Nick’s vision for how he wanted to embrace life, and the life of is godchild and future children of his own.

Nick was very much the musical child of his omther. His voice, embued with soulfulness one moment and irreverent playfulness the next, gained him access to any musical gathering on the island or in the city, and a backstage pass to the bedrooms of many fine young ladies.

His most profound memory from childhood was that overnight trip in the VW to with Theio Yanni.

The biggest mistake Nick regrets is not returning to Batsi soon enough to secure Tina’s love. but he’s glad in the knowledge that she’s well cared for by Harry, and that even now she’s close by for conversation and advice over fresh-baked tyropita and a cup of coffee.

Nick’s philosophy is “New day, new adventure,” but he secretly longs for a time in which the adventures will be shared with someone he loves.

His deepest, darkest fear is that Tina was the only woman who would ever understand him, and he’ll be doomed to a series of happy but ultimately unfulfilling flings. He wants children, he wants a partner, and he wants someone to wake up next to in the morning who hears him and accepts him as without judgement. Or at least without negative judgement!

The secret Nick holds close is that he can’t read. Or at least not without intense struggle. He’s fluent in spoken Greek and English, and can carry on a restaurant niceties in Spanish and Italian as well, but the letters on the page just swim around in front of his eyes.

He’s never shared this problem with anyone else. Not his teachers, not his mother or father, not his Theio Yanni, and certainly not the string of ladies he meets.


He learns music by ear, and plays it back after several hearings, and quite a bit of practice at his secret beach. Since he’s never had to accompany classical music, he never read sheet music though his father tried to teach him. Instead he’d beg Spyro just to play it for him so Nick could copy the notes in his own fingertips.

Several of his mother’s favorite arias were learned that way, but Spyro grew tired of the repetitious lessons.

Nick feels he may always be doomed to the lonely life he leads now – though others would look in and see his days, filled with fun and craziness, and surrounded by people who love and care about him.

His most profound weakness may be his ability to turn any situation into something funny, because it’s made it impossible for him to share any deep or meaningful conversations. He’s always viewed as a shallow yet charming playboy. Nothing more.

But the same weakness is also a strength – he’s a delightful companion who brings joy into the lives of everyone around him. His musical gifts lift any occasion to cause for celebration. And is company is always… in demand desirable.


An unexpected journey. I’ve always been drawn to write non-fiction, and this is quite the departure for me.  Hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Stefanie and Nick these last couple of weeks.  I can’t wait to introduce you to the beginning of their saga in “Kalokairi” – a Greek summer’s romantic lessons on life, music, and the beauty of imperfection.

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