Hate winter?

I’m cold in summer air-conditioning, so winter does not even fit in my Top 1000.

But snowscapes seen through the eyes of my child are still beautiful: snow tubing together, racing down the hill, plotting methods to leverage the most speed, and seeing who can strike the silliest pose on arrival.

We tumble out into fresh snow, rosy-cheeked and breathless.

Even a stalwart winter-hater like me can appreciate the beauty of laughing together in shared family fun.

Snow tubes lift


3 thoughts on “Hate winter?

  1. I didn’t even enjoy playing in the snow for more than twenty minutes or so as a child because the cold almost hurt, but I did so enjoy watching my little boys play in it. I guess that kind of joy surpasses the misery of the cold, at least for a little while. 😉 Sounds like you had fun making a memory. 🙂

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