Our Personal Native Plants

Dandelions blooming in the summer meadow, shallow depth of field

There are weeds in my garden. Part of me says that’s fine… maybe I should be glad there are plants I can’t kill no matter how hard I don’t try. But my heart doesn’t soar the way it did during the five whole days my garden was freshly mulched and weed-free. Despite repeated attempts – furtive glances and longing stares – I only see the weeds.

Am I being literal or figurative?

There are plenty of clover and dandelions in our lives as well as our backyards. Year after year they return, fluorish, and re-seed without assistance. But we get to choose to see these problem children – sometimes family members, other times friends and co-workers – as weeds… or perhaps instead beautiful and uncontrollably wild flowers in the gardens of our lives.


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